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I get this question a lot, should I leave my dock in year-round or pull it out for the winter. I personally recommend pulling the dock in the winter for a couple of reasons. One is if you pull it out then you know it is safer up on land then sitting in the water. A lot less things can happen to it. It is obviously, not 100% safe as I have seen damage occur while the dock is sitting up on a property, ie a tree limb comes down and goes right through it. If you do decide to leave it and even if you don’t and have pilings that stay in the water, I would recommend an Ice Eater. They do a very effective job from stopping the ice build up around the float and/or pilings. They can also be hooked up to a thermostat and/or timer, so they are not constantly running. One downside to Ice Eaters is that they will not prevent ice flows from hitting the dock or pilings. Ice Eaters are also not cheap which is a big deterrent in people not installing them.


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